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Casona; typical dwelling -click to enlarge

Correpoco is situated at the junction of the River Saja and River Argoya near to the head of the valley.  This valley is at the eastern end of the Picos De Europa National Park, along an ancient trade route to the historic mountain village of Barcena Mayor, about 8km from the Guest House.  It is a fertile valley nestled below the high peaks of the Cantabrian Cordillera.

Old crest of Cosio family; click to enlarge Beyond Barcena; click to enlarge Cantabrian clogs; click to enlarge

The traditional hard-wood forests are also protected as they are no longer felled to supply ship yards and forges all along the coast, with raw materials, as they were in past centuries. 


Cantabria's fertile
valley pastures offer rural winter grazing for the local livestock, whilst the summer months see cattle, horses and goats on the higher rocky mountain pastures. 

This is the main dairy producing region of Spain and offers fine specialist cheeses.

The National Park is also a well maintained hunting reserve offering wild boar, venison, pheasant, hare and other small game, plus fresh trout from the river Saja.  Also within the region, Brown bear, wolf, otter, Capercaillie, eagles and Griffon vultures are protected species.

BeachCorrepoco is only 19km from the picturesque cliff edged beaches of the North and about an hours drive from the regional capital, Santander, with ferry docks and airport. 


Pre-historic caves are found across the region, renowned for their well preserved cave art and artefacts.  There are also Roman excavations with examples of Roman life, as well as reconstructed dwellings of the Cantabros, the local tribe of Celtic origin.   

Treviso; click to enlargeDiscused barn,; click to enlarge

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